Leveraging our real-world expertise.

The Tokarz Group Advisers consists of a multi-disciplinary team of investment professionals who come from diverse backgrounds—chemical engineering, entrepreneurship, finance, economics and investment banking. As such, we bring a wide range of real-world expertise, expanding our ability to work within a wide variety of business sectors. The success we have in improving the value of our portfolio companies comes from immersing ourselves in their processes and offerings, understanding their businesses inside and out and then taking timely, smart action.

Getting involved. Getting it done.

We don’t just show up. We get our hands dirty. Our team members relish the opportunities to work with companies to help them establish effective supply chain logistics, more productive manufacturing processes, efficient inventory turns and stronger sales channels. However, the level of our involvement is flexible and on a case-by-case basis. Often, we work closely with existing management, actively engaging in day-to-day operations. Depending on how the opportunity is structured and what is necessary to drive growth, we may become minority or majority owners and/or serve on the boards of directors.