A rigorous and proven process for success.

Our proprietary methodology was developed based on best practices from private equity, commercial lending and operational experience accrued by our diverse management team. It affords us maximum intelligence and control over our investment opportunities and then shapes our work plan and exit strategy, when applicable, for our portfolio companies. At its core is strategic and confirmatory due diligence with deep, objective analytics to establish valuation and purchase price/loan pricing. We’re confident our thorough process is the foundation of the portfolios we build.

Source Proprietary Deals

  • TTGA has an active investment opportunity pipeline
  • Evaluate specific industries
    • Understand growth potential
    • Analyze industry structure
  • Identify opportunities
    • Provide financing to financial sponsors/small and mid-sized companies
    • Undervalued assets
    • Operational / Financial
    • Restructuring
    • Strategic repositioning
    • Consolidations
  • Identify cross-industry trends
    • Globalization, regulation, etc.

Invest in Companies

  • Strategic due diligence
    • Product positioning
    • Threats and opportunities
  • Establish equity purchase price / loan pricing
    • Sensitivity analysis
    • Identify cash flow drivers
    • Quantify revenue growth and cost reduction potential
    • Design loan covenants
  • Confirmatory due diligence
    • Management capabilities
    • Benchmark operations
    • Interview customers and suppliers
    • Validate business model and projections
    • Legal, accounting, tax
    • Identify impediments to growth

Seek to Enhance Portfolio Value

  • Proactive board of directors
    • Informed and incentivized world-class operating and financial executives
  • Active portfolio compliance monitoring
    • Internal Compliance Officer
  • Increase revenue/decrease costs
    • Growth opportunities
    • Benchmark competitors
    • Effective cost controls
  • Improve core business
    • Sales force
    • Supply chain
    • Inventory management
    • Alter/refine strategies
    • Technology innovation
  • Management support
    • Grow key personnel
    • Inclusive incentive plans

Seek to Monetize Investments

  • Exit options
    • Public offering
    • Sale
    • M & A
    • Financial recapitalization
    • Maturity of loan
  • Optimize market timing for exit
  • Identify buyers
    • Strategic buyers
    • Financial buyers
    • Opportunistic buyers